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Here is a goof article from ezine articles... Pet Fish Aquariums, Bowls - Which Fish Should You Star 
12:37pm 07/03/2009

When thinking about keeping fish as a hobby, a lot of people start with small fish tank aquariums or bowls. The size of the bowl of course limits the type and number of fish you can keep. An ideal type of fish to start with are goldfish or perhaps the tropical Betta fish, otherwise known as Siamese fighting fish.

Bettas are a good option because their early ancestors lived in a poor oxygen environment so some suggest they don't need filters or aerators. Personally, I would prefer to add a filter as long as it didn't produce too much current. A natural or artificial plant that comes close to the surface is also a good idea, as the fish need to regularly pop the water surface for oxygen. One fish will live happily alone but you do need to keep the temperature of the water fairly constant at around 78 - 80 degrees, so don't place your aquariums, or bowls in direct sunlight. Unlike a lot of other fish, Betta can exist in smaller aquariums and bowls such as the Betta Garden Floral Bowl reasonably priced around $20 are an option. If you have more than one fish, go for a much larger tank.

Your Betta will live for up to 10 years and grow to around 8 centimetres depending on the variety. The fish have been bred from their more natural dull colouring into some highly coloured and striking varieties that are a joy to watch. You should feed your Bettas on Betta pellets and supplement their diet with brine shrimps or bloodworms, finely chopped carrots, corn, broccoli or soybeans to keep them healthy.

Naturally aggressive, even the females, care needs to be taking when breeding. It is the males who look after the eggs and although the females may try and eat the eggs, the males are likely to do this after they have spawned! Betta don't make natural tank mates because of their aggressive nature. In a small tank or bowl it's probably advisable not to put Bettas together, the best options as tank mates are platies (moons), loaches or Corydoras (catfish).

All in all, the Betta are an ideal and interesting fish to observe for a smaller tank, as long as you are aware of the aggressiveness of these fish. Do not overcrowd the tank, seek advice from whoever you buy your Betta from and be careful who you partner your Betta with!"

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Dog Beds - Ultimate Comfort For Your Pet by Stefan Rockhaus - ArticleCity.com 
09:11pm 15/07/2008
  Dog Beds - Ultimate Comfort For Your Pet
 by: Stefan Rockhaus
Have you ever thought of purchasing a quality bed for your dog? Dogs also enjoy the comfort of a quality bed, just like we do. A dog bed provides warmth, support and a sense of security to your dog. Providing a bed for your dog certainly means more to them than we would think.

When shopping for other items for your dog such as a leash, food, collar or a bowl, a quality dog bed must be at the top of your list. Providing a comfortable bed for your dog is far more important than cost.

Some of the advantages of providing a quality bed for your dog include:

Insulation: A quality bed protects your dog from both the heat of the summer, and the cold of the winter.

Personal Space: A dog bed will give your dog his or her own personal space. Your dog can do whatever it would like to do there. This space will provide your dog with an additional sense of security.

Cushion: Older dogs and dogs with bone or joint problems need to have a bed with a mattress. Special cushion beds are designed for these dogs.

Shed and Dander Control: A dog bed will make it easy for you to clean the shedding and dander of your dog, as most of it will get accumulated in one place. Almost all dog beds are reversible, which gives your dog an extra surface to lie on. It is very easy to clean these beds, you just need to wipe the dirt off with a wet cloth or hose it down outside.

Elements Protection: If your dog spends most of its time outside, it is better to provide your dog with the bed that can be used inside and outside of your home. This bed is strong and water resistant, and also easy to keep clean.

Selecting the Appropriate Dog Bed

Like humans, dogs also sleep in different positions. Measure your dog before purchasing a dog bed, and add five inches to it, so that your dog can rest in his or her favorite lying position. If it is not possible for you to measure your dog while it is lying down, then you can measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Then add five inches to this measurement.

Before purchasing a dog bed, think which one will suit your dog the best, while keeping in mind that it is going to be his or her favorite resting place. Low quality dog beds are easily torn and are not durable. A good quality dog bed is not only durable, but it will also protect your dog from diseases, as you will be able to keep it clean easier.

Paints, Arabians, and Quarter Horses for Sale 
07:11pm 09/07/2008
  Paints, Arabians, and Quarter Horses for Sale
 by: Shannon Margolis
Just about everyone loves horses. Some of the more popular and well-known breeds are paint horses, Arabian horses and quarter horses. Quarter horses are the most popular horse breed in America. These breeds are popular for their overall temperament as well as certain characteristics that are exclusive to each individual breed. Paints are known for their colorful, flashy markings while Arabians are valued for their regal carriage, swift gait and agility. Quarter horses are fast, strong and can turn on a dime. They are great horses for trails, rounding cattle or pleasure. Many people search for these horses every day, but finding quarter horses, paint horses for sale and Arabian horses for sale can be a challenge sometimes.
Finding quarter horses for sale should be fairly easy in most areas. They are a popular breed so there will be breeders and horse sellers who sell them. When researching quarter horses for sale, however, you want to buy from a reputable breeder or someone who knows horses. Inbreeding or indiscriminate breeding can cause temperament problems, conformation problems and other defects that can make your horse unsound, regardless of his breed. You can find quarter horses for sale via the classifieds too.
In addition to finding quarter horses for sale, you can also find paint horses for sale and Arabian horses for sale via the classified listings. Online classifieds are quickly becoming popular for people searching for horses, such as Arabian horses, for sale. Paint horses are very popular and it is fairly simple to find paint horses for sale. Again, though, it is very important to check the breeding background of the horse and ask about temperament issues that the seller has experienced. Ask questions until you feel comfortable and satisfied that you have the answers. Be as probing as you feel you need to be in order to get the information that you want. A good seller will be glad that you want to know about the animal and care enough to make sure it is a good fit for your family. They will be more than happy to give you any answers and advice you need to ensure that the horse is going to a good home.
There are also breed specific organizations that will have classifieds. Organizations and associations that focus on paints will have paint horses for sale and likewise for Arabian horses for sale. Another option is to look into some of the rescue groups that take in abandoned animals and adopt them out to good homes. While this route may seem like a great way to get a cheap horse, you must take into consideration that rescued animals may have been mistreated or abandoned and they usually have physical and behavioral defects. If you adopt, make sure you are committed to caring for an animal that may require a lot of work.
Cleaning Your Fish Tank 
09:11am 19/06/2008
  Cleaning Your Fish Tank
 by: Mark Haakonsen
One of the nicest additions to any home is a fish tank. A fish tank creates a colourful, relaxing ambience and they come in a huge range of sizes to suit virtually any setting. However, fish tanks do require work, and without proper care, algae build ups and murky water can change your tank aesthetically and cause unpleasant odours. Cleaning your fish tank not only helps with the appearance of the tank but can also prolong the life of your fish, as no person or pet can live in an unhealthy environment.
There are a few basic precautions that should be followed to keep your fish tank clean and to dramatically reduce algae build ups. The goal is to avoid algae build up in the first place, as this is easier than removing algae later. The first step is to get yourself a good carbon based filter, and be sure to change the cartridges often, this will keep the water nice and clean so your precious Nemo will be happier and healthier. You should also purchase a living filter for your fish tank, a Plecostomus or algae eater constantly eats algae off rocks and the glass. While the Plecostomus are not always the prettiest fish, their benefits far outweigh their looks. The last precaution you can take is to NOT place your fish tank in direct sunlight, algae thrives on sunlight and will grow rapidly given the chance.
Every couple of months you should replace the water in your tank to ensure cleanliness. After the water is removed you have to remove all of the rocks, artificial plants and decorations (such as the old fashioned divers), and give them a thorough clean. Use diluted bleach to clean these objects as all traces can be removed. Avoid using soap, as traces of the soap can be left on the objects and may harm your fish. To clean the glass in the tank only use proper fish tank glass cleaner which you can purchase from any pet store, as conventional glass cleaner contains substances lethal to fish. Even when you have to clean surfaces outside of the tank such as the hood, you should still avoid the use of any harsh chemical cleaner, as traces can leach there way back into the water.
That is all you need for a clean and healthy home for your fish. If ongoing problems occur, make sure you consult your local pet store.

Lool here! Choosing Your New Puppy
How To Find The Right Vet For Your Pet Bunny Rabbit 
03:11pm 18/06/2008
  How To Find The Right Vet For Your Pet Bunny Rabbit
 by: Andrea Austin
Even with the most diligent bunny rabbit selection process and the very best care and grooming, there is always the possibility that your pet will develop a health condition that requires medical attention. When this happens you will need to find the right veterinarian who will give your pet the kind of attention he deserves.
This article will discuss that as well as a run-down of the most common rabbit health concerns. You should read them all, even if your pet seems in perfect health now. Being alert to the symptoms of illnesses is the key to getting care quickly and preventing complications.
Finding the right Vet
Waiting until you have an emergency on your hands to find a vet is never a good idea. For one thing, you'll wind up racing around trying to find just anyone who can help you, and you may end up with a mediocre vet or one who overcharges you. For another thing, many vets don't have much experience with pet rabbits, and it is in your pet's best interest to find a vet who knows a great deal about rabbits.
So find a good vet now, before you even need one. You'll be putting yourself in a much better position should your pet require emergency care down the line. Moreover, having a vet will make you much more likely to take your rabbit for regular checkups and important procedures like spaying/neutering and clipping or teeth-trimming.
Choosing the Right Vet
It can be next to impossible to find a good vet simply by scrolling through names in a phonebook or even just looking online. You should visit offices, check out the environment, ask others in the office what the vet is like, and so on.
Talk to the vet him- or herself. Ask him how familiar he is with rabbits?how many rabbits does he see per month? Does he have training with regard to rabbits? Does he know the common health concerns that rabbit pet-owners have to worry about? Can he give you advice on rabbit diets? What about clipping and teeth-trimming? Will he be able to help you with that?
This kind of in-person research is the best way to ensure that you select a vet who is knowledgeable, has a good reputation, has a clear office environment, and has experience with pet rabbits in particular.
If you are looking for a vet to spay or neuter your new pet, ask specifically about the office's rate with this procedure. It is expected that some rabbits die as a result of this common process, but if a vet has a loss rate of over 2%, you should go to another vet.
by Andrea Austin,

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